TheRockquarry is the site of David Ackerman, audio engineer, producer and technologist.

As manager of Audio Preservation Services at The Harvard College Library he provides audio engineering and post production services geared toward the preservation of rare and unique audio recordings. He brings over two decades of experience from the audio production world to draw on when working with audio recordings in need of preservation intervention. In addition he brings years of experience in software development to provide R & D support and advanced workflow design and development to streamline the production process.

David continues to provide freelance audio recording and post production services as time allows. In years past he has worked out of many Boston based studios including Blue Jay, Sound Techniques (now Mix One), Supersonic, Wellspring Sound, Prophet Sound, Headroom and The Lanes.

He is a member of the Audio Engineering Society where he chairs The Working Group on Digital Library and Archive Systems and the Technical Committee on Archiving, Restoration and Digital Libraries.

His post production experience includes CD Mastering, DVD Authoring, PSP Authoring and Digital Editing work. David's latest passion is video production and DSLR filmmaking.